FT Havana Gin Cocktail Glass 62cl/21.8oz

195 x 109mm (H x Dia)

Material spec: Tempered Glass

Our Fully Tempered Cocktail Glassware range is fully tempered from rim to foot. The glasses are durable and reliable. Ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants.
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Ex VAT: £2.72
Product Care:
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Rim & Foot Warranty
Fully Tempered
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  • Dishwasher safe - strong and durable, shock tested and capable of industrial dishwasher cycles, while maintaining clarity
  • Heat resistant - thermal shock tested and resistant to 135C and can withstand changes in temperature from hot to cold.
  • Perfect for cocktails - this cocktail glass features a large capacity bowl, making it perfect for any bar, restaurant or pub wanting to present their latest styles of drink with ice and any garnishes that will complement it.
  • Rim to foot tempered - fully tempered glasses are resistant to mechanical shocks, extending the life of the product by five times, compared with non tempered glass ranges.
  • Safety - should a glass break due to an excessive blow, a tempered glass will break into small pieces, making it safer to use within the hospitality industry than a non tempered glass.
  • Seamless flame polished stem - no seam between the bowl and stem, ensuring a more enjoyable drinking experience and an aesthetically pleasing glass.
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