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National Breakfast Week

This Week is National Breakfast week so to celebrate this we are sharing some of our products that can really make you stand out from the crowd and hopefully increase sales. From Casual dining venues to Hotels we have something for everyone.

Cast Iron

The Cast Iron range of Tableware are great for serving up one pan Breakfasts or smaller dishes they give an individual look and are perfect for casual dining venues.

Terra stoneware

The range of Terra Stoneware items are perfect if you want to move away from standard white tableware, they give a great rustic look and team up brilliantly with our range of Boards. Available in 5 eye catching colours so you can mix and match to give unique table settings. The range consists of Bowls, Plates and Tapas Dishes for a broad range of uses.

Organic Bowls, Rustic Crates and Jars

The range of Organic Bowls are perfect for serving cereals or Yogurts, the larger sizes also suit themselves to buffet display, when matched with our range of rustic crates we think they look great these can be used as Table Caddies to Hold juices Etc or simply as risers to give added height. Finally our range of Jars with either Clip or Screw top lids are ideal for serving Condiments and Sauces or the larger sizes can be used for either display or table service.

If none of these take your fancy there are always the classic whiteware items.

Genware New Product Launch Jan 2016

Introducing the new range of Genware products for January 2016. From plates and Bowls to the extension of Casual Dining Table Presentation ranges, this launch has something for everyone.
Here are some Highlights
Organic Collection
These new additions give a wealth of different serving options. They feature a curvaceous shape making them a complimentary addition to the Genware Porcelain tableware range.

Terra Stoneware Mugs
These mugs have been introduced to compliment our existing Terra Stoneware range of plates and Bowls, they are available in the same 5 colours as the rest of the range

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The Enamelware range has been increased to include baking trays for use for sharing dishes and larger coupe plates for Main courses and such like, there is also a espresso mug which can also be used for sauces and dips.

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Black Wire Baskets
This new range of Baskets offer a wide range of uses whether it is as part of a buffet or for serving casual dining style dishes like burgers or wings, Available in a variety of sizes.

Galvanised Steel Presentation
Adding to the ever growing range of Table Presentation products these Galvanised Steel items cover many bases from sharing platters to side dishes.

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Coloured Stainless Steel Ramekins
These are a great way of adding a splash of colour to your table without breaking the Bank, available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit any style.

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Acacia Wooden Bowls
These bowls provide a natural look and feel to any Buffet or counter display, available in 3 sizes these work particularly well with our rustic crates for a natural look.

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